Vu Televisions

In this project I was responsible for animating 2d elements. I had to animate 4 websites on the screen of Vu’s TV – Facebook, Youtube, Flipkart and Netflix and elements popped out of the screen.


VU Televisions - Game


VU Televisions - Facebook


VU Televisions - Icons


I also animated icons that show features of  Vu Televisions.


VU Televisions - Netflix


Vu Televisions [pronounced “view”] is a Television brand established in 2006 between California, USA and Mumbai, India.

Vu Televisions was founded by Devita Saraf, alumnus of University of Southern California and Harvard Business School. She is a member of Mensa International and a former columnist at the Wall Street Journal. She was the youngest person on India Today’s list of Most Powerful Women, and has represented her country at various entrepreneurship and leadership forums worldwide.


VU Televisions - Facebook


VU Televisions - Flipkart


VU Televisions - Netflix






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Michał Misiński

Graphic Design

Paweł Walczak

Animation 3d

Artur Malczyk