Futuristic User Interfaces &
Head-Up Displays

With animated HUDs & FUIs you can engage viewers and support the story. Details make perfection, and there is no anything more stunning than high-tech of the future.

Time • Project Name
0:00 • Galaxy on Fire 3: Cinematic
0:10 • Shell Helix PurePlus
0:14 • Beeline: Lightning Horses
0:17 • Nordea: Horizon
0:18 • Galaxy on Fire 3: Cinematic
0:21 • SoM: Expression Session
0:23 • Allegro: The Old Axolotl
0:26 • Realeyes: A Trillion Smiles
0:29 • Etisalat: The Network
0:31 • Spotify: Japan
0:32 • Blue Alien
0:34 • SoM: Holiday Card
0:36 • Outro

AlexiAction – Cyber Attack

Collaborated with leading companies across industries

HUD - Companies - Logos

Sci-Fi to Reality

Animate high tech projects that include design elements like gauge behaviours, satellite information, screens, mini-maps, UI alerts, speedometers, player capabilities, security features, alarm systems, medical indicators and progression bars.

HUD - Sci-Fi to Reality - FUI
HUD - Architect the future - FUI

Architect the future

Create entirely new ways to engage with information. Emphasise value of your product with unique graphs, charts & diagrams. Show the benefits of AI technology and focus on innovative vision of your brand.

Play the game

Bring your Futuristic User Interfaces & Head-Up Displays to life. Support the story and convey the details what is happening to the audience. Amaze the viewer with outstanding and advanced animations.

HUD - Games, Cinematics
Adam Tunikowski - Juice - CEO

“Bartłomiej has been working with Juice for almost a decade. He always brings quality, and if he promises something, he delivers it. I have always been very pleased with our cooperation.”


The main use of HUD and FUI

Icon - Stats

Data Visualization

Statistics, infographics, and other visual representations of data. Present information in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

Icon - Bar Chart

Charts & Diagrams

Show data changes over time or create interactive diagrams that respond to user interactions.

Icon - Device

Device UI

Depict buttons, icons, menus, and other interactive elements that users interact with.

Icon - Screen


Holographic displays, augmented reality interfaces, or futuristic user interfaces. Convey viewers about the story world’s environment, equipment, or other elements.

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