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LiveChat Solution Partner Program

LiveChat Solution Partner Program is dedicated to businesses that want to earn money either by including the LiveChat software in their business bundle or adding it to their product. The program allows you to create LiveChat accounts for your clients so that they don’t need to install anything. You can also choose who will pay for the product: If you decide to manage the client's payments for LiveChat, you will get a 20% discount on the payments. If you prefer the client to manage their payments, you will get a 20% commission as long as they subscribe to LiveChat. LiveChat is a customer service software with live support, an online ticketing system, and web analytics capabilities. It helps online businesses to support customers, generate quality leads and boost online sales.


LiveChat Partner Program

LiveChat Discount

LiveChat Partner Program

LiveChat Partner Program

LiveChat Partner Program

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LiveChat Payment

Behind The Scenes

In the shot with a slider, I've made a real functioning slider. To the Null Object is parented position of the cursor and blue handle. Each frame of the source composition has a different Shape Layer. Time remapping of this pre-composition is also linked to the x value of the Null Object. I've made a separate controller that change the velocity of time remaps and the second controller that modifies the initial value.


n = effect("Number")("Slider");
v = thisComp.layer("drive").transform.position[0];
l = linear(v,300,500,0,thisComp.layer("drive").effect("Change")("Slider"));
modulus = comp("Comp 1").duration * 1/comp("Comp 1").frameDuration;
f = (n + l) % modulus;




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