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Oh chili




I played with bold and muted tones. I wanted to make a consistent color palette with the theme of animation. Chili peppers, Mexico, fire, pain.  Red was the base color. Then I played with complementary colors but I changed my mind and focused on elegant-looking appearance. Combination of dark and very light gray presents clean and modern look. It fits perfectly with minimalistic flat design animation. Yellow and blue was used as highlights and maintain consistency of icons like: Prostate Cancer Awareness blue ribbon or yellow Cheddar cheese.


Oh Chili - Color Scheme






My first idea was to make a cartoon animation. I couldn’t decide on the style. Make it realistic or more like old Cartoon Network’s series. During the design process I’ve changed my mind. I can say ‘Oh chili!’ was a breakthrough in my career because I decided to focus on motion design.


Oh chili - Nasa






A large amount of information was condensed in this short animation. Beside advantages and disadvantages of eating hot peppers I wanted to present interesting facts and history of hot peppers dating back to the Mayan civilizations. That’s why everything has been brought to minimalist flat design and smooth animations.


Oh chili - Room iMac



Oh chili - Icons Animation



Oh chili - Codex Mendoza Oh chili - Capsaicin

A huge part of the job was to prepare icons. I learned the power of Shape Layers in Adobe After Effects. Almost all elements was created inside this software. The second thing was to develop my skills related to Expressions and workflow automation. I spent over 200 hours working in After Effects.


Oh chili - Icons


Oh chili - Guinness World Records


Oh chili - Red Hot Chili Peppers



Oh chili - Diploma




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