After Effects Script

Here is my second official script to Adobe After Effects. I hope you enjoy it.

shotName - After Effects Script

What is shotName:

shotName automatically displays the name of the current clip. You don’t have to type each name by hand. You can choose if you want to display a source name or layer name. If there is no visible layer at the current time, it will display nothing. This script also has options to displays Timecode and current Frame Number. You can add them together or separately.

shotName is perfect for conforming. You don’t have to worry about changes in your edit. Forget about reposition keyframes or Text Layers with names of the shots 1a0batj. This script automatically updates when you change or move layers in your composition.


shotName - After Effects Script

This script is only available on VideoHive. VideoHive is a part of Envato Market. With shotName you get Tools License which means you can create unlimited end products.

Download shotName

How to install it:

  1. File called shotName.jsxbin copy and paste into the Script UI Panels folder.
    On Windows this folder is located in:
    Adobe After Effects*\Support Files\Scripts\
    On Mac Os this folder is located in:
    Adobe After Effects*/Scripts/
    *your Adobe After Effects install path
  2. Open Adobe After Effects or relaunch if it’s currently opened and check that ‘Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network’ is enabled. This option can be found at the general tab in Preferences.
    On Windows this option is located in:
    Edit -> Preferences -> General
    On Mac Os this option is located in:
    After Effects -> Preferences -> General

After Effects Script - Allow


How to use it:

  1. To run the script, select it from the Window menu inside After Effects. This will open the script in a panel in the After Effects interface. shotName UI Panel can be used as dockable panel or floating window.
  2. Once the script is open, check what do you want to add to your selected composition. then hit OK.
  3. If you want to make adjustments select Text Layer called shotName on the Timeline.


shotName - Script - Window


How to adjust it:

I recommend you to make a composition with the shotName as clean as possible. Without any adjustment layers. Just shots divided to layers. If you have to add something to the shot, just precompose it. shotName automatically displays the name of the current clip. If there is more than one layer at the current time, the script will display the name of the layer at the top. You can bypass it by changing settings in effects controls and reorder layers in the timeline, but it’s easier to make a clean composition.

shotName - Adjust - Timeline

shotName is based on the Text Layer. If you want to set the font family, change the font size, color, leading, tracking, add stroke, faux italic or bold use Character window in the Adobe After Effects.


To adjust shotName select it on the timeline and change settings in the Effects Controls.

  • +1 Hour
    Set start timecode from 00:00:00:00 or 01:00:00:00.
  • +1 Frame
    Adobe After Effects counts frames from 0. Checking this checkbox adds 1 additional frame so the last frame can be 100/100 not 99/100.
  • Digits
    Adds additional digits to Frame Number.
  • Source
    When checkbox is unchecked script displays Layer Name. You can change Layer Name of each layer in the Timeline of the Compositon. When checkbox is checked script displays Source Name. Source name is taken from the Project Window.
  • First Layer
    Set first layer which will be displayed based on the Index number in the Timeline. All layers with smaller index number will be overlooked.
  • Last Layer
    Set last layer which will be displayed based on the Index number in the Timeline. All layers with higher index number will be overlooked.
  • Position
    Set position of the script. Text is aligned to the left bottom of the first row.

shotName - After Effects Script

Notes: This script can’t display the source of the Shape Layers, Lights, and Cameras because they don’t have a source in the Project window. In this case, an error will occur. In Layer Name mode Lights and Cameras are ignored however, Shape Layers are displayed correctly.

Unfortunately, Adobe After Effects not doing well with drop frames in SMPTE timecode. If you are using frame rate like 23,976 / 29,97 / 59,94 timecode may be differently displayed than on the timeline in the software.




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