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Here is my second tutorial from the „Work smart, not hard” series. In this episode I’ll show you cool tips how to unmovable layers without locking them.

Stop Layer

This preset is perfect for backgrounds and layers that have to be in the center of the composition. You don't have to worry, you'll move them by mistake. At the same time, you have access to the Effect Controls panel. You can forget about locking and unlocking them all the time when you want to change something.

Stop Null

In my workflow, I use many expressions. To have control over them, I use a Null Object with a bunch of sliders and other expression controls. When you make a new Null Object, it is in the middle of the composition, and it covers the view and makes it difficult to select other layers. I always set this kind of controller to the left upper corner. You can choose it on the timeline or directly in the composition without touching other layers. Pretty handy.

Stop Layer - Stop Null - After Effects Preset

How to install:

Download the Stop Layer preset ZIP file and unzip it to your local drive. Folder called Bartlomiej Otlowski with Stop Layer.ffx and Stop Null.ffx files inside copy into the following directory:

Adobe\Adobe After Effects*\Support Files\Presets
Applications/Adobe After Effects*/Presets
*your version of Adobe After Effects

If the Bartlomiej Otlowski folder already exists in the Presets folder then choose the Merge Folder option or just copy the .ffx files into this folder instead.

Stop Null - After Effects Preset

Restart your After Effects to scan the Presets folder and to add any new presets to the Effects & Presets panel. Twirl down the *Animation Presets menu, and you will find the Bartlomiej Otlowski folder. Open it, and you will find these two presets. Or you can type the beginning of the name in the Effects & Presets panel, and it will show up.


Download Stop Layer and Stop Null presets


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