Motion Designer / UI Animator

I am a Motion Designer / UI Animator based in Wroclaw, Poland. I am specialized in Flat Design, HUDs, Fantasy User Interfaces, and I love clockpunk. I currently work at LiveChat – an online customer service software.

During my career, I had the opportunity to work with clients like Spotify, Nintendo, IBM Watson, Shell, Etisalat, CD PROJEKT RED, Nike, Western Union, Toyota, Lexus, and many others.

I also created animations for feature films, such as ‚A Coach’s Daughter’ (2018) and ‚After Image’ (2016), a final film by Polish director Andrzej Wajda.

I always try to find easier and smarter solutions. I build tools that help improve and optimize a creative workflow.


LiveChat / 2019-
Motion Graphic Designer

United Studios / 2018
Senior Motion Designer

Juice. / 2014-2018
Motion Designer


Learn Squared / 2017
Motion Design Course
Design for Production: Workflow / 2013-2014
Certificates: Expert Video & 3d, Practitioner Video FX, Practitioner Video

Film School 'Mastershot'/ 2009-2012
Diploma in Film Animation