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I am a Motion Designer / UI (user interface) Animator based in Wroclaw, Poland. Originally gained recognition for videos using computer game footage. In the past I was the most awarded video game editor in the world. Soon after I focused on motion graphics. Currently I am specialized in HUDs (Head-up displays), Fantasy User Interfaces and Flat Design. I also created animations for feature films, such as Kamper (2016), A Coach’s Daughter (2018) and After Image (2016), a final film of Polish director Andrzej Wajda.

I always try to find easier and smarter solutions. I’ve started writing my own tools to improve and optimize my workflow.

Besides animation, I love traveling and cooking. With my fiancée, we run a travel blog Summer Bench. I am also fascinated by Victorian Britain.

If you would like to book me on your upcoming project or simply want to say hello, please reach out contact page.


LiveChat / 2019-
Motion Designer

Dolnośląska Szkoła Wyższa / 2018-
Lecturer - Motion Design

United Studios / 2018
Senior Motion Designer

Juice. / 2014-2018
Motion Designer

Aniboom / 2013-2014
Motion Designer

Xantus Animation Studio / 2012
Motion Designer

Eye-Motion Media Group / 2010-2012
Motion Designer, Video Editor


helloluxx / 2018
learn. X-Particles 3

Learn Squared / 2017
Motion Design Course
Design for Production: Workflow

Eduweb.pl / 2013-2014
Certificates: Expert Video & 3d, Practitioner Video FX, Practitioner Video

Film School 'Mastershot'/ 2009-2012
Diploma in Film Animation

Omega Edukacja / 2009-2011
Certificate: Organization of advertising activities